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    Rail services from SGS – a range of services to support rail operations throughout the supply chain.

    Dubai Overhead Metro

    Whether you are a rail operator, component manufacturer, rail professional or part of the rail supply chain, you need to meet a wide range of safety, regulatory and logistical requirements. We offer a range of rail services to support your operations – at every level of the supply chain.

    We can help you:

    • Get the certification you need to supply new/upgraded rolling stock to the industry
    • Gain independent second line checks of rolling stock or components
    • Benefit from independent scrutiny and assessment of your safety-critical products and processes for the railway industry
    • Ensure the quality, performance and robustness of railway materials, components and systems, and comply with applicable regulations
    • Improve train reliability and availability while reducing costs and optimizing the utilization of your depot staff and facilities
    • Meet mandatory, voluntary or contractual requirements for the rail industry with independent compliance services
    • Acquire Rail Industry Supplier Accreditation Scheme (RISAS) approval
    • Outsource the skills and expertise you need for specific projects

    Our rail transportation services include:

    • Rail certification, inspection, assessment and testing
    • Independent compliance (DEBO)
    • Rail industry supplier accreditation (RISAS)
    To discuss how we can help you improve your rail operations, contact us today.