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    Investor Relations

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    News & Press

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    SGS Sustainability Ambitions 2030

    We’re raising the bar for industry standards and supporting our culture of sustainability.

    Acquisition of Brightsight

    Brightsight is the world’s leading cybersecurity evaluation laboratory network for chip-based security products.

    SGS Announces Successful Offering of its Debut Issuance of EUR 750 Million Senior Notes

    SGS announces the successful offering of its debut issuance of EUR 750 million senior notes under its recently established Euro Medium Term Note program.

    SYNLAB Analytics & Services Becomes SGS Analytics

    SGS Analytics will help businesses comply with ever increasing food, pharmaceutical and environmental regulations.

    Acquisition of The Lab (Asia) Ltd

    We’ve acquired a minority stake in The Lab (Asia) Ltd. It now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the SGS Group following the initial acquisition of 51% in 2016.

    SGS AGM: All Resolutions Approved

    All resolutions were approved at the Annual General Meeting of SGS, including the re-election of Calvin Grieder to Chairman of the Board and election of Ms. Janet S. Vergis to the Board of Directors.

    SGS Sustainability Solutions - Supporting Our Customers on Their Sustainability Journey

    SGS leads the way on sustainability with SGS Sustainability Solutions, end-to-end services that help organizations implement more efficient processes, address stakeholder concerns, and accomplish their sustainability goals.

    2020 Annual Reports

    Discover our 2020 Annual Report and Sustainability Report published together for the first time, showing how we enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.

    SGS Announces the Acquisition of Autoscope/CTOK

    This acquisition consolidates our market leading position in vehicle inspection services in France.

    SGS 2020 Full Year Results

    A strong performance in 2020 confirms our strategic evolution.