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    Clinical research services for Phase I to IV trials with a focus on early development and biometrics from SGS, a leading life sciences CRO.

    Clinical Research

    To help you gain the resources and expertise you need for your clinical research, we have created a robust package of clinical research services to deliver to the highest standards throughout your drug development plan.

    As a leading European early phase contract research organization with over 35 years’ experience in clinical research, we are uniquely placed to help you design, develop and implement clinical trial solutions for your specific needs. We help optimize your clinical timelines and support regulatory submissions to bring your product to market quickly and safely. We support you with fast, smooth testing and development processes, enabling you to make safe ‘go / no go’ decisions about your product that are based on the most reliable data.

    We offer a range of services for early phase and late phase studies, including:

    • Complex Phase I studies
    • Infectious disease clinical trials
    • Biometrics functional outsourcing

    We also provide:

    • Drug development consultancy and services to assist the development plan of molecules in early clinical phases
    • Clinical pharmacology units, bioanalytical laboratories and trial management offices across Europe and North America to perform your clinical trials successfully
    • Data management, statistics, PK/PD modeling and simulation and report writing services to help you meet regulatory standards when applying for approval of your product

    To discuss your early phase clinical research and biometrics outsourcing requirements, contact us today.


    Early Phase Clinical Trials Maxims

    Discover the early phase clinical trial drug development fundamentals through our Maxims.

    Download the Maxims