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    Aviation Jet Fuel Quality Assurance Awareness Training

    Aviation jet fuel awareness training from SGS – an introduction to jet fuel, outlines the management of aviation fuel quality, from the point of fuel manufacture and its storage, through distribution and transport systems to airports.

    Our training offers an overview of jet fuel manufacture, including the refining processes used and how it differs from kerosene. This highly participative event provides attendees with an introduction to, and overview of, the aviation jet fuel sector. Our training course also explores the quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) normative documents and the standards currently in use.

    Training objectives

    On successful completion of this course attendees will have gained:

    1. An overview of the manufacturing process of aviation jet fuel
    2. Understanding of how aviation jet fuel should be handled safely
    3. Understanding of the significance of product quality within the jet fuel sector
    4. Insight into the processes within aviation jet fuel to ensure quality is ascertained and monitored along the supply chain
    5. An overview of how the International Standards apply along the supply chain
    6. An overview of the significance of threats to aviation jet fuel quality

    Who should attend?

    • Aviation fuel storage operators
    • Aviation fuel logistics suppliers
    • Aviation fuel hydrant operators
    • Into-plane Service Providers
    • Organizations representing airlines/military users
    • Aviation fuel testing laboratories and inspection companies
    • Those responsible for the design, construction, operation, inspection or maintenance of refineries, pipelines, marine vessels, coastal/inland waterway barges, road tankers, rail tank cars or storage installations

    Why choose aviation jet fuel awareness training from SGS?

    Delivered by tutors who are expert in their field, as well as experienced trainers, our courses are designed to help you and your team work more effectively. As the leader in professional training, we draw on our years of worldwide experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities.

    For more details about our training courses, contact us today.

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