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    Brine Physiochemical Solutions (FluidPro PAL)

    Accurate and representative screening data – available on site and on demand through our portable laboratories.

    Consistent, reliable data to support screening in advance of designing production systems and process controls.

    Before moving to the production phase, accurate data about your oil and gas reserves is essential. Through our FluidPro portable analytical laboratory (PAL)™ units, we offer onsite brine physiochemistry solutions to provide valuable data for evaluating potential issues related to oil and gas production.

    A Comprehensive Range of Solutions

    Our brine physiochemical solutions offer a comprehensive range of testing and analysis, as detailed below.

    Brine/water measurements, including:

    • Multi-temperature density/viscosity measurements
    • pH measurement for brine/water acidity
    • Conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS)
    • Ionic concentrations by programmed digital (ISE) titration
    • Automated methods for high quality analyses

    Oil and condensate properties, including:

    • Basic sediment and water (BS&W) (conforms to ASTM, IP, API, ISO, DIN and NF M methods)
    • Karl Fisher water content (conforms to ASTM, IP, API, BS and ISO methods)
    • Molecular weight by freezing point depression
    • Oil pH and TAN by digital titration

    Gas properties, including:

    • Moisture content by hygrometer (optional)
    • Stain tube measurements to client specifications
    • Radon/mercury content (optional)

    Technical specifications, including:

    • Temperature range: variable
    • Pressure range: atmospheric
    • Sample volume requirement: 5 to 200 ml

    The range of applications includes:

    • Brine physiochemistry
    • PVT/Flow assurance screening
    • Sample quality assessments

    A wide range of samples, including:

    • Bottom-hole samples
    • Wellhead samples
    • Separator samples
    • Pipeline samples
    • Atmospheric samples

    Why SGS?

    We are a world leader in providing innovative services and solutions for every part of the oil and gas industry. Our certified chemists use proven technology to give you with the most accurate and representative screening data in the industry – all available on site and on demand through our portable laboratories.

    Contact Us

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    SGS Headquarters

    1 Place des Alpes
    P.O. Box 2152
    1211 Geneva