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    Hong Kong

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    SGS offers a range of services to those involved in exploration, production, and commercial activities including export and import,?as well as?end-users in agriculture and many other industries.


    We can help to reduce commercial and contractual risks, improve product quality, optimize operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

    We work with manufacturers, blenders, distributors, traders and end users of dry bulk fertilizers and chemicals, assisting with production services and support. Whatever your involvement in the fertilizer business – including fertilizer mining, importing, exporting, trade and shipping services – our global network and technical expertise can support your activities around the world.

    Indeed, we are able to assist you at every stage of the fertilizer value chain and always work in accordance with internationally recognized and accepted standards, including:

    • Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC)
    • Association of Fertilizer & Phosphate Chemists (AFPC)
    • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
    • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    • The Fertilizer Institute (TFI)
    • International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)

    We offer unrivaled experience across a wide range of services, including:

    • Exploration services
    • Analytical services including on-site labs
    • Metallurgical flowsheet design, piloting and plant support
    • Mechanical sampling systems
    • Production and processing support
    • Auditing and certification
    • Crop services
    • Sampling and inspection services
    • Trade services and guarantee business solutions

    Acting as your single, consolidated source of advice and services relating to fertilizers, we can help reduce your risk and improve efficiency. Contact SGS now to find out more.